Electricity use

Electricity use* 8,1 ISK per kWh (6,53 ISK. excluding VAT
Notification and transaction charge – payment by credit card 0 ISK
Notification and transaction charge – online banking 80 ISK
Notification and transaction charge – printed bill 300 ISK

*Electricity use not including distribution and transport. Distribution centers (Veitur, HS Veitur, RARIK, Norðurorka, Orkubú Vestfjarðar, Rafveita Reyðarfjarðar) distribute electricity and collect payment independently for the distribution. The electricity law states that energy bills should be itemized for transport, distribution and sale. Distribution and transport are subject to exclusive license but the sale of electricity is free.

ON charging stations

Fast charge (DC 50 kW and 150 kW)* 20 ISK per kWh + 19 ISK per minute.
Charge (AC 22 kW) 20 ISK per kWh + 2 ISK per minute.

*Homes in business with ON Power get a 40% discount of ON fast charge all around the country.