4. nóvember 2021

ON Power at COP26

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, began in Glasgow on Sunday and will run until November 12. Representatives from ON Power will attend for informed discussion about the problem that nations face, as well as to network and take part in the proceedings.

Green electricity production needs to be increased to meet Iceland’s goals of becoming independent of fossil fuels in transportation in air, on land and sea by the year 2050.

„We are proud to be at the forefront and, of course, we hope that the conference will restore confidence in joint international action on climate change. The conference is about building solidarity and increased ambition, as well as faith in the process ahead,“ says Berglind Rán Ólafsdóttir, ON Power’s Executive Director.

A big step in the fight against global warming

ON Power contributes when it comes to energy shift in transport and is a model for many other energy companies.

„It is important to share knowledge and share solutions because it is the only way to achieve our goals. There is no one big solution to the problem, but there are many smaller ones, and we need them all. It is therefore my sincere hope that the outcome after COP26 will be positive and that the countries of the world will be closer to each other when it comes to the climate crisis. However, it is important to keep in mind that the most important climate decisions are made at home.“

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