2. júlí 2020

Geothermal exhibition reopens after renovations

The Geothermal Exhibition at Hellisheiði Geothermal Power plant has reopened after renovations.  Free admission until 15 July, 2020.

We are immensely proud of our geothermal exhibition, where you can experience sustainable energy production in one of the largest geothermal power plants in the world. We took full advantage of the closure during the Covid period and updated and refined various things at the exhibition. Admission is free until 15 July.

“The geothermal exhibition provides insight into the utilization of geothermal heat in Iceland. At the exhibition, geology, technology and history are presented in an accessible and clear way with images and multimedia technology, and our employees provide information and are also willing to accompany guests throughout the exhibition. This is extremely beneficial for the whole family, „says Berglind Rán Ólafsdóttir, Executive Director of ON.

We welcome green travelers

An EV fast-charging station is located in our parking lot, so it is ideal to charge the car during the visit. It is also ideal to explore the surrounding Hengill area, which is renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor activities and beautiful walking paths that are all well marked and accessible. Whether you are thinking about a walk around the Hengill area or the exhibition, it is ideal to visit our café where we offer coffee, tea, cold drinks or refreshments from the surrounding area, among others, Almar – a baker from close-by town of Hveragerði.

The exhibition is open every day from 9:00-17:00.

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