Landgræðsla fyrir og eftirLandgræðsla fyrir og eftir

Land reclamation

In recent years, systematic efforts have been made to reclaim the natural vegetation and environment in the wake of the damage caused by construction at the Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant. Measures such as earthworks, the sowing of seeds, distribution of moss, grafting of turf etc. have yielded good results.

ON Power places a great deal of emphasis on tidying up and land reclamation in the areas of its power plants with a view to restoring the landscape and vegetation to how they were prior to the construction.

We have adopted a procedure in all of our work on vegetated land to temporarily remove the vegetation and replace it directly afterwards to restore the construction area or other disturbed zones. More often than not, this is done with heavy machinery but sometimes also by hand.

Land reclamation - before and after

ON Power’s land reclamation group

In the summer a fine group of people work on land reclamation and enhancing the environment by our power plants. Tasks include the planting of willow grafts, sowing of seeds and and reclamation of moss mats.

To reclaim moss mats we use, among other things, a so-called moss mix which is made up of buttermilk, water and moss. We have also repaired damaged moss in places where vandals have ripped up the moss to carve words into the landscape.


Reclamation of moss mats

Planting of willow grafts