Hengill areaHengill area

Hengill area

Hengill is our operating area and where we run geothermal power plants in Nesjavellir and Hellisheidi. The Hengill area is one of the biggest high-temperature geothermal zones in Iceland and is connected to three volcanic systems.

Hiking trails in the Hengill area

Gönguleið á Hengilssvæðinu

A hiking trail at Hengill

Hengill is a high-temperature geothermal area some 20 kilometres south of Reykjavík. Every year, thousands of Icelandic and foreign tourists engage in outdoor activities in the Hengill area, since there are hiking trails there that stretch for 110 km. Outside the operating areas of the ON Power plants the area is open to the public. The Hengill area is located on an active volcanic belt. It contains hot springs, lava craters, rivers, lakes and fertile spots.

The Hengill area is ideal for outdoor activities all year round. Efforts have been made to assist outdoor enthusiasts with a network of marked hiking trails, the installation of information signs, hikers’ shelters, and the publication of a hiking map. ON Power and Reykjavik Energy have been the driving force behind this work since 1990, in consultation with the municipalities in the area.

Hiking trails at Hengill area

High-temperature geothermal areas in Iceland