Is Your Business Looking For a Future Location?Is Your Business Looking For a Future Location?

Is Your Business Looking For a Future Location?

Jarðhitagarður (e. Geothermal Park) is owned by ON Power. It encompasses a wide range of operations, which aim to utilize the resources of Hellisheidi Power Plant in the best way possible, benefit the environment and create value. The resources available are electricity, cold water, hot water, steam and carbon dioxide.

Current operations

Various businesses have already set up operations in the Geothermal Park.

Current operations

The Area

The area of the Geothermal park is 103 hectares, located in close proximity to the Geothermal Power plant. The lots are in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 16.5 ha organized to suit the needs of different types of companies.

Current operations

The area is part of a beautiful, unoccupied land and is close to natural hiking paths. ON Power is ambitious to keep the area well maintained and attractive and to treat nature with the utmost respect as the Geothermal park takes shape.

As a part of the Geothermal park, ON Power has arranged facilities where scientists, entrepreneurs and businesses can connect to and do trials with the local resources. This is an ideal first-step opportunity, minimizing risk for those interested in setting up facilities in the area.

A local amendment for the area has been approved and the lots are ready for construction.

Iceland is well connected to America and Europe

Iceland is a part of the European Economic Area and is located between Europe and North-America. The environment is business friendly and the population is highly educated.

Iceland is only a 3.5 hour flight from Western Europe and a 5.0 hour flight from U.S. East Coast

The Geothermal park is located 30 kilometers from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, next to the Hellisheidi geothermal power station. The area of the Geothermal park is 130 hectares and the plots are organized to suit the needs of different types of companies. Close by is the growing municipality of Ölfus, boasting a good harbour. More daily direct connections to North American destinations than all the other Nordic capital airports combined – Daily connection to N-American destinations eða Direct connections/flights to 28 N-American destinations.