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It’s easy to make the switch and adopt eco-friendly business practices

We sell electricity to homes and businesses in Iceland. We are very proud of being able to offer our customers good service and advice when it comes to electricity.

Welcome to ON Power!

It’s easy to make the switch and adopt eco-friendly business practices. You can buy electricity from us wherever you live in the country. Send us your details and we’ll take care of the rest.

Welcome to eco-friendly business

My ON Power pages

On ON Power My pages you can access the information regarding your energy consumption and compare it with similar households.

Did you know that chargers for computers, mobile phones and tablets consume electricity even when they are fully charged? It’s a good idea to plug chargers out if they are not needed. That will save you considerable electricity.


How much energy goes into keeping your milk cold, boiling potatoes, baking cookies or washing or drying your laundry? Our calculator will reveal the whole etruth about electricity consumption in your home.

Calculate your electricity consumption


ON Power’s energy price is 8.05 kr/kWh, which includes the price of the electricity and VAT,
(for general usage without distribution and transmission, including taxes).

ON Power collects transaction fees/notification and billing fees, but the fee varies according to whether it is a printed bill or not.

NB. The Electricity Act stipulates that energy units must be broken down into transmission, distribution and sale. Distribution and transmission are subject to an exclusive licence, whereas electricity can be sold freely.

ON Power tips

You can save a lot, both for your purse and the environment, if you think through your electricity consumption and consumer behaviour. Here are a few golden tips you should take a better look at:

Did you know…?

  • …that if you use your dryer 8 times a week it costs you over 10 thousand krónur a year.
  • …a good tip is not to fully dry your laundry but pop it into the dryer for 10 minutes and then hang it up on a drying rack. That way the laundry will be like freshly ironed when it’s dry.
  • …that it’s a good idea to place three dry hand towels with the wet laundry in the dryer. That way it will take less time to dry and the towels will be soft.
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