Lærdómur við skrifborðLærdómur við skrifborð

It’s easy to make the switch and adopt eco-friendly business practices

We sell electricity to homes and businesses in Iceland. We are very proud of being able to offer our customers good service and advice when it comes to electricity.

Daily use of electricity by family size:

Energy price at ON Power is 8,1 kr/kWh. The amount includes the price of electricity and VAT.

ON Power tariffs

Each month the average home pays around 3.000 kr. for electricity*

*Based on 8,1 kr/kWh and average use per month to be 350 kWh


  • Large home: 5-6 individuals = 5.000 ISK per month
  • Medium sized home: 4 individuals = 3.000 ISK per month
  • Small home: 2-3 individuals = 2.000 ISK per month

Easily understood electricity bill

From January 2020 the electricity bill will come direct from ON Power. Now it will be easier to have oversight over your electricity use and sales agents.

Paperless business

You can free yourself of notice and transaction charges by choosing to pay your electricity bill with your credit card. Under My pages you can view bills and change payment method.

ON Power tips

You can save a lot, both for your purse and the environment, if you think through your electricity consumption and consumer behaviour. Here are a few golden tips you should take a better look at:

Did you know…?

  • …that if you use your dryer 8 times a week it costs you over 10 thousand krónur a year.
  • …a good tip is not to fully dry your laundry but pop it into the dryer for 10 minutes and then hang it up on a drying rack. That way the laundry will be like freshly ironed when it’s dry.
  • …that it’s a good idea to place three dry hand towels with the wet laundry in the dryer. That way it will take less time to dry and the towels will be soft.
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