Clean energy for dynamic economic activity

We sell electricity to businesses in Iceland and are at the forefront of promoting an ambitious and eco-friendly energy switch in Iceland.

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Our objective is to guarantee a sustainable utilisation of power for our customers, environment, country and resources for the future.

With decades of know-how and experience when it comes to electricity, we make it our goal to provide our customers with outstanding services.

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A small step is a leap for mankind

When a company connects to ON Power, it is doing business with a world leader in the utilisation of geothermal energy and reducing the carbon footprint in energy production. Our power plants employ some of the country’s top scientists and our projects in climate issues have attracted global attention.

ON Power’s geothermal steam plants have the lowest carbon footprint in their category and a method has been developed to sequester carbon dioxide into the bedrock. ON Power aims for the sustainable and footprint-free production of geothermal energy. A small step will be a giant leap for current and future generations.