What do I do?

  1. Apply for an ON RFID key
  2. We’ll mail it to you free of charge or you can pick it up at our headquarters in Bæjarháls 1.
  3. The key is activated for use on My ON pages by linking a payment card to the key.
  4. Download the ON app for Android or iOS and monitor the status of our EV charging stations.
Apply for ON RFID key

What does it cost to get an ON RFID key?

It’s free and you don’t pay a monthly fee.

How can I order an ON RFID key?

Just fill in the ON RFID key form and we will mail it to you. One you’ve received it, log in to your ON My Pages, register your payment card and activate the key.

How do I activate the ON RFID key?

You activate the ON RFID key on ON Power’s My Pages. There you will have to log in, select electric vehicles and activate the key. Activating the key means you have to link it with a payment card, prior to this it will not be activated.

Can I come to Bæjarháls to collect the ON RFID key?

Yes, you can come to us and fill in an application on the self-service computer. The key will then be handed to you at the service desk for you to activate on ON Power’s My Pages.

When is the ON RFID key activated?

As soon as you register a valid payment card on My Pages and activate the key, you can start using it at ON Power EV charging stations.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle ?

The price of a rapid charge (DC 50 kW) is 19 krónur per minute and an extra 20 króna for each kilowatt hour. The price of a regular charge (DC 22 kW) is 2 krónur per minute and an extra 20 króna for each kilowatt hour.

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