Charging without the ON-keyCharging without the ON-key

Charging without the ON-key

ON charging points are also accessible to users without The ON-charging key.

Charging your vehicle without an ON Key

If you don‘t have an ON Key you can pay with a credit card at our charging stations:

  1. Open the Scan&Charge payment solution by clicking here
  2. Enter the number of the charging station (the number is displayed on the charging station, e.g. IS*ONP*E1064*2), along with the number of the plug
  3. Choose Credit Card as payment method and enter payment information and email (for receipt)
  4. Insert the appropriate plug in your car and select „Start Charging“
  5. Select „Stop Charging“ to stop the charge
  6. Receipt for the payment will be sent to your email. The amount is displayed in Euros
Scan&Charge Payment Solution

Why Plugsurfing?

To sign-up for an ON-key, an Icelandic identification number („Kennitala“) is required. Plugsurfing enables most EV users (such as non-Icelandic visitors) to use our charging points.

You can pay by credit card with the Plugsurfing app or you can use the Plugsurfing charging key.

Plugsurfing is Europe’s largest charging network with over 110,000 charging points.