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Be sure of where the next charging point is

We have put a great deal of effort into broadening our EV charging points network all around the country to serve our customers as best we can and we are by no means finished.

In March 2014, ON Power started to develop its infrastructure for electric vehicles with the first rapid-charging point at Sævarhöfði in Reykjavik. A lot of water has run under the bridge since then and there are now more than 100 EV charging points all around Iceland. This development is part of our determination to be at the forefront when it comes to energy switching in transport in Iceland and reducing the carbon footprint in the world.

Rates for charging

The rate for fast-charging (DC 50 kW) is 19 ISK per minute + 20 ISK per kWh.
The rate for charging (AC 22 kW) is 2 ISK per minute + 20 ISK per kWh.

Our objective is to:

  • manage and service rapid-charging points on the principal national highways so that customers can charge their cars when travelling around the country.
  • offer charging for electric vehicles, both with rapid-charging points and regular charging points in the capital area.
  • offer businesses charging options for its customers, installation, management and servicing 24/7 all year round. This also entails having access to the company’s business system and therefore payment system.
  • offer solutions to apartment complexes, provide advice both on charging solutions and business systems. When applicable, the company indicates the technical entities that can install and run stations for apartment complexes.

What kind of chargers are there in ON charging points?

ON charging points are equipped with different types of chargers: rapid-chargers (50kW) and regular chargers (22kW) or both.

What kind of connectors are there on ON´s rapid-charging points and regular chargers?

  • CHAdeMO  CHAdeMO
  • CCS  CCS
  • Type2  Type 2
  •   Type 1

Status of ON charging points.

Which connectors fit which electric vehicle?

This can vary considerably and EV users are advised to find out which connector fits which model. At the bottom of the page „Why electric cars?“ you’ll see a table of electric vehicles with information from the main manufacturers of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

How long does a charge last for?

Electric vehicles today are much more long-range than they used to be in the past. How long a charge will last, however, varies from car to car. Users are encouraged to find out how long a charge lasts for, since there are numerous factors that have an effect on the duration and capacity of batteries in cars, e.g. cold temperatures, road conditions etc. It is appropriate to bear in mind that the heating, window and seat warmer and other elements of the car use energy from the same energy source that powers the car. Everyone needs to take these elements into account when using an electric vehicle.

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How can I monitor the status of ON Power´s charging points?

Download the Android or iOS version of the ON app to see the location and status of our EV charging points.

What does it cost to use rapid-charging points?

The rate for fast-charging (DC 50 kW) is 19 ISK per minute + 20 ISK per kWh.

What does it cost to get a regular charge?

The rate for regular charging (AC 22 kW) is 2 ISK per minute + 20 ISK per kWh.

Does it cost the same to use a rapid-charger (50kW) and regular charger?

Our charging points have rapid chargers, regular chargers or both. See the price list above. Freestanding smaller chargers are free of charge for the moment.

Do I get a receipt every time I use a charger?

You don’t get a printed receipt, but your consumption is directly charged to the card you registered on ON Power’s My Pages when you activated the key. The bill will appear there

Bills and consumption information is to be found at ON Power’s My Pages.